Don’t just be part of any network. Be part of one that provides true management services for our customers…and you…the service provider. You are on the front lines providing reliable, quality, and courteous service to our customers. Because of that, we treat our service providers as well as we treat our customers.

Our requirements are simple:

Provide timely service, competitive/preferred pricing and we’ll provide you with prompt payment and an increase in business.


  • We must have a current Certificate of Insurance, naming Clear Vision as additional insured.
  • You agree not to solicit customers directly. The value of the Network is the working relationship we have with our vendors and our customers. The concept is a team concept. Soliciting a customer directly (away from the Network) violates both the intent and ethics of the Network.
  • You agree that your employees will be professional and courteous.
  • You recognize that one of the primary benefits to the customer will be cost savings, therefore, you agree to provide the most competitive prices at all times.

Interested in becoming a Vendor?

Please contact us to discuss joining our network.

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